Our mission is based upon the principles of Integrity, Commitment, Compassion, and Enthusiasm. Passageway was founded in 1994 devoted to providing experienced, empathetic, and evidence-based counseling and consulting to individuals, families, and organizations as they strive to become integrated, balanced and healthy individuals, cohesive family units, and effective teams.  


Mental Health Counseling integrates Best Practices and Evidence-Based Treatments into a holistic approach adapted to each person or system’s goals. Passageway acknowledges diversity and strives to meet individual, family, and organizational needs within their unique context and systems. Personal change is facilitated in a client-centered approach within a safe, caring, accepting, and empathic therapeutic relationship. Although medical knowledge may inform treatment options, Passageway recognizes the complexity and uniqueness of individuals beyond reductionist diagnoses.

EAP/Consultation Services assists organizations in strengthening their leaders, teams and individuals as they strive to achieve their vision and mission. Education and consultation in wellness, stress management, resiliency, crisis intervention, leadership, prevention, communication, conflict resolution, and creating an environment of support and value creates healthy organizations, teams and communities. EAP services also include psychological first aide, mental health disaster and critical incident support and crisis management.

First Responder Support (FRS) rose out a series of disturbing events: the aftermath of September 11th; our military engagement overseas that followed and involved our children; terrorism's constant threat; response to a multitude of disasters with the Red Cross; witnessing and managing the effect of critical incidents debriefing first responder teams; and responding to work with a team who lost one of their own to suicide.  The needs of those of us who respond with heart and soul in the line of duty to others experiencing a critical incident became clear. FRS was created in response to support resilience and hardiness for all of us who witness and expose ourselves to physical and psychological traumatic stress to care for the health and safety of others.

Passageway, Inc. First Responder Support and Trauma Recovery remains a caring organization dedicated to individuals, families, teams and organizations as they strive for health, balance, integration, peace, and connection in their communities.